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Stop juggling several channels and marketing tools in your business. Instead of segmenting your marketing and sales by using several different marketing softwares and tools, use LEAD MONSTER to help you build, market and sell online.

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About Lead Monster

LEAD MONSTER uses API from existing platforms to bring together one platform to help you manage every stage in your customer journey. Lead Monster equips you with all the tools you need to attract your prospects through relevant channels, capture qualified web traffic with ease, and convert spectators from being interested to becoming a paying customer.

Automate your leads, follow-up, and sales without doing any work yourself!


Leverage features like social media management to schedule posts and interact with customers on relevant channels. Our software also integrated with Google and Facebook ad accounts.


With smart forms along with unlimited funnels, you can leverage existing social media funnel to capture traffic to build your audience list.


Features like SMS campaign, email campaign, or chatbots can be used to nurture leads. Send automated confirmation message or launch campaigns to market to a new audience or remarket to your existing list.


Booking management software along with visual pipeline can help you easily manage prospects, segment lists and easily turn spectators into paying customers. Payment funnels are also available.

How does Lead Monster work?


Step 1. Book a demo with lead specialist

Get clear about your goals, target audience and capacity with lead specialist. Learn how you can use lead monster to help you build, run and market your business.


Step 2. Get a tailored Lead Monster account

Based on your goals, we create a Lead Monster account for you and your team to access that is tailored to your business. Each account includes unlimited funnels, unlimited users, email campaigns, chatbot, booking system, integration to Google & Social Media channels. It’s everything you will need to run and grow your business online.


Step 3. Ongoing Support

Check in with technical support and strategic support from our team on weekly basis to build your campaigns, market your business and sell using our all in one software.

Our Customers

VOD Steel Buildings and Storage Solutions

“We use Lead Monster software to help us manage all of our online leads in one place. We don't use all the features but the lead management has been awesome"

V-TAC payroll software

“Our marketing manager is loving it. She schedules posts and manages all of our email list on here. There are a lot of features but it's nice to have a tailored account to help us narrow down what we actually need vs. what we don't"

True North House Buyer

“So far, it's been good. It can feel intimidating like any other software. The nice thing about lead monster is that you can take care of all your bookings and digital marketing from one place."

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