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Key Benefits of Investing in YouTube Marketing for Financial Advisors

October 01, 20224 min read

First and foremost, YouTube is an excellent way to increase traffic and exposure without paying for advertisements. YouTube is currently the second most popular social media channel after Facebook. Did you know that YouTube is owned by Google? This means that when people enter a search query, YouTube videos appear at the top of the search results. Over 58% of those 55 years old and above use YouTube on a regular basis and this figure is expected to rise in the future. Starting a YouTube channel today may be a good way to invest in a marketing foundation for tomorrow.

These days, people prefer to watch videos rather than read. According to research, people are four times more likely to watch a video than read an article about a certain topic. While no single video is likely to bring you dozens of new clients, people who have seen your videos are more likely to work with you, are more knowledgeable about the topic, and your firm, and are more willing to take the next step. Is there a simple way to quadruple your exposure? Create videos as well as written articles for each piece of content you publish!

Following that, there is little competition from other financial advisors. Only a few advisors use YouTube effectively, whether due to compliance, lack of confidence on camera, or other factors. Any advisor who does a good job on the platform will quickly rise to the top. To stay top of mind, every advisor should create regular marketing content. Shooting videos is one of the quickest ways to accomplish this. You’re already comfortable speaking in public about financial topics, so leverage that skill to get your marketing content created in a genuine and easy-to-consume format.

Here are 5 Best Practices for Financial Advisors on YouTube

I. Target the right audience

To be effective in your financial advisor marketing efforts, you must first identify a target market and a target client. Once identified, concentrate solely on that niche. Many new planners who are unfamiliar with financial advisor marketing strategies believe they must reach out to everyone. Instead, try zeroing in on one type of client. Unfortunately, attempting to please everyone often ends up reaching no one. Customers today have access to the entire world, they want to know why they need your product and what you’re doing for them. This can be achieved by narrowing your channel’s focus based on how your products and services benefit your customers.

II. What should the subject of your videos be?

Keep a list of the questions your customers ask. These are excellent topics for your YouTube videos, as well as informative guides to address those frequently asked questions. In this way, you’re establishing trust with your audience by providing reliable answers to questions they may already have.

III. Optimizing your videos

YouTube marketing can be tough, especially if you’re new to it. Finding the right keywords that people are searching for is hard and making sure you have them in your videos is even harder. Work with a YouTube professional to optimize each one of your videos and make it easier for people to find you on Google when they search relevant search terms.

IV. Publish regularly

The key to success on YouTube is to consistently produce a large number of videos. This manages your subscribers’ expectations and helps YouTube promote your videos. Aside from that, making a lot of videos on the same topic can help you dominate search results for those keywords. If you’re going to dive into YouTube, we highly recommend making it your primary marketing focus for at least a year and committing to publishing new videos weekly or biweekly until you reach 50.

V. Convert Your Viewers

In order to convert that traffic, include a call to action. If you can’t convert that traffic into leads, your video views are meaningless. Offer an easy next step for viewers to take at the top of your description, such as scheduling a call or asking a question. Include a clear link and remind viewers to take action at the end of your videos.

Want to learn more about YouTube marketing for Financial Advisors? Then speak with us!

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